Ethical Dilemma Susie Q is a drug and alcohol counselor at a local

These case study papers will cover ethical standards, discuss case study issues including legal and moral issues, and include two cited references. They should demonstrate the use of critical thinking and suggest alternative points of view. In addition each paper will need to be reviewed by a “consultant” with appropriate expertise. Relatives, best friends and neighbors are not acceptable references. You will also be graded on your written style.

CASE STUDY FOR PAPER— Ethical Dilemma Susie Q is a drug and alcohol counselor at a local substance abuse treatment center. One month ago Susie was presented with a client seeking treatment at a 90-day treatment program.

The client was homeless and using alcohol and opiates daily for the last 10 days. During the assessment Susie Q let the client know that state funding for the substance abuse program would only be awarded to individuals who reported using drugs intravenously. After Susie made that statement, the client paused and told her that he had been using intravenously. Susie was a little suspicious about whether her client was telling the truth but she also felt that the client’s condition was very serious and that he needed treatment immediately so she reported in his assessment that he used drugs intravenously. After her client haD been in treatment one month Susie checked with the treatment center and they let her know that her client was responding extremely well to treatment. A few days after checking up on her client, Susie got information from another resident in treatment that her client had never used intravenously When Susie presented this information to her client, the client admitted to lying about using intravenously, but begged Susie Q not to report this as he felt treatment was changing his life

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