English Language in Literary Contexts

Assessment 1. Critical Assessment (30%) Word count: 3,000 words The critical assessment asks you to discuss and evaluate the significance of academic interpretations. You will choose three pieces of scholarship on language and style: these may be in the disciplinary areas of stylistics or literary pragmatics, or another area of language study which has been applied to literary texts.

You will write an analysis of the pieces of research, examining their relationships to each other and how each contributed to the development of the discipline, considering how a particular line of thinking was taken up and became an orthodoxy within the linguistic study of literature; or, conversely, why an approach does not appear to have followed or built on by other scholars and so appears not to have made its mark on the discipline. You will need to take into account the period in which the articles or book chapters first appeared.

You will be marked on your selection of appropriate scholarship, understanding and use of field-specific terminology, and your ability to contextualise research findings within the history of the discipline. 

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