each question needs to be 150-200 words. Question 1) review

each question needs to be 150-200 words.

Question 1) review “Title IX” and “University Snapshot” in the Topic resources before responding to the following: use the resources provided to answer the questions

  1. What is Title IX and how does it impact you as a student? (https://www.gcu.edu/academics/academic-policies/title-ix.php)  
  2. Briefly comment on the “University Snapshot” resources, mentioning two to three items that stood out to you.  (https://www.gcu.edu/why-gcu/university-snapshot)
  3. How do you think GCU’s Christian heritage makes the GCU academic experience different than at a non-faith-based university?

Question 2 

How do you think your experience as a graduate student will be different from your undergraduate experience? How would you describe a graduate  learning community? What would be the key components of a learning  community, and how might they be different from key components of an  undergraduate learning community? Are communication and collaboration  expectations the same in a graduate learning community? Explain your  response and provide examples.

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