Does the financial sector have too much power in Canada?

 Your research paper is worth 20 pts. Length: minimum 1000 words (excluding title page and bibliography), typed (12 pt. font, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaces), minimum 6 sources (at least one of which must be a scholarly book or journal article. Submit a digital copy of the paper. Use APA format. ANY EVIDENCE OF PLAGIARIASM IN THE PAPER WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF “0.” Each paper should involve a political analysis of the topic you have chosen, an analysis that draws on concepts, perspectives, ideas you have studied in this course. You should take a strong position in your paper, since you will be asked to defend this viewpoint during the debate. Your position/ purpose must be clearly stated in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. The paper should have the following components: 1. Introduction The introduction should contain… a) a background to the topic (i.e., one that provides a focused and relevant description to help situate the reader). This background should lead up to a… b) statement of purpose (i.e., the main argument/ thesis of the paper) that is explicit and focused. This statement is usually the last sentence of the introduction (e.g., “This paper argues/examines/seeks to demonstrate…, etc.) 2. Development Before beginning the development, you should provide a transition paragraph that tells the reader how you intend to develop your ideas. This short paragraph should give a structure or outline of your supporting arguments. This paragraph is followed by the development, which provides evidence (facts, quotes, supporting arguments) to support the thesis set out in your introduction. Your purpose in the development is to analyse, not merely describe or provide factual information. You should thus make an attempt to integrate political science concepts, theories or perspectives that you have learned in the course. Pay particular attention to the organization, development and coherence of ideas. Be sure to link your sentences/paragraphs by using appropriate transitions. You must use in-text references to support your arguments and to show the extent of your research. For referencing format consult the library’s web page (see “citation styles”). 3. Conclusion The conclusion synthesizes the main arguments of the paper. Refer to your purpose in the introduction and show how your research has supported it. Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion. 4. References The references are listed on a separate page (entitled “References”); it follows an appropriate referencing style and lists only sources that are cited in the paper. Read Carefully! (Part of the evaluation will depend on how carefully you follow these guidelines!) 1. Use scholarly prose. Research papers have a formal and succinct style. Do not use contractions. Avoid personal pronouns as well as biased and emotive tone. No editorializing. 2. Vary your sentences (length and syntax). Use appropriate transitions between sentences and between paragraphs. Strive to achieve coherence and unity of ideas in your writing. 3. DEVELOP ONLY ONE MAIN IDEA PER PARAGRAPH. A new idea requires a new paragraph. 4. Be sure that every source referenced in your paper is listed in the “References” section at the end of your paper. To avoid plagiarism, credit authors with any ideas you have borrowed by providing in-text citations (both quoted and paraphrased material must be properly cited). Sources of all statistical information must be provided; something that is commonly known need not be cited. Vary your sources; do not always quote from the same source and do not introduce your quotes the same way every time (e.g., “the author writes/maintains/argues…,” “according to…”). If a quote is longer than four lines, separate it from the rest of the paragraph, single space, reduce font and leave wider margins (do not use quotation marks when a quote is set off from the paragraph). 5. Do not rely too much on quotes; a research paper is not simply a pastiche of quoted material loosely tied together with connecting sentences. 

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