Do a close reading and analysis of one chapter of Harriet Jacob’s


Do a close reading and analysis of one chapter of Harriet Jacob’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, formulate an interpretative claim that drives your argument. The overarching question that needs to be answered: Why is this particular chapter important to the book’s power? Your thesis statement will posit an answer to this question, and the body of the paper will provide textual evidence (specific sentences or passages) to support that thesis/claim. A strong thesis will address or imply possible counter-arguments. To analyze your carefully chosen textual evidence. Explaining in some detail how the evidence supports the claim.


– Format: – 3-4 whole/full pages – MLA – Type in 12 pt. font and double-spaced – The essay should be developed the way it’s explained in Rubrics (shown below) – Come up with an intriguing essay title – Proofread for grammar and spelling errors – Make a Works Cited Page – Put in cite quotations with a properly formatted page number in parentheses when quoting from a source and putting into the essay – Source/Chapter: *ONLY use this CHOOSEN SOURCE/CHAPTER for the essay* – Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacobs Chapter 29: Preparations for Escape (Pages 224-237 in the link below) – The MOST IMPORTANT is an analysis of the chosen chapter based on the interpretative claim i. Interpretative claim: Family is an emotional anchor, but in that way, it’s a physical anchor as well.

1. Example, how Linda’s devotion to her children keeps her hiding out in a crawlspace for seven whole years. ii. Questions to consider when analyzing the passage: 1. How is the strength of Linda’s family bonds surprising?

2. What obstacles does slavery itself present to such support and how is Linda able to avoid those? 3. How are her focus on family and the support of a black woman’s community strategically effective for Linda? 1 4. How does the text’s language convey and how does it support the claim?

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