DNA contamination

 Description Does not need title page, just references DNA profiling is used in other kinds of court cases besides just criminal cases. Other cases in which DNA profiling is used are custody, paternity, estate settlement, hair analysis, forensic IT, and many more. Because of the information contained in a single sample, it is very important that the same be obtained and maintained in a manner that does not jeopardize the DNA sample. In 4–6 paragraphs, address the following: •List and discuss the different processes that should be utilized to avoid contamination of DNA samples. •What do you think is the most significant contamination issue with regard to DNA testing? Explain. •Provide 2 examples where court decisions have been made directly because of DNA evidence contamination. •How do you feel about the outcomes of these cases? Explain. •How significant is DNA evidence in determining the outcome of modern court cases? Explain in detail.

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