Define SDLC, which includes outlining and describing each of the 5

Your paper should:

1) Define SDLC, which includes outlining and describing each of the 5 phases.

2) Research another alternative to SDLC and describe this example. Make sure to cite your source (s). 3) Provide a brief comparison between SDLC and your example. 4) Define and describe CASE tools. 5) Research at least 2 CASE tools and identify their purposes. Make sure to your cite any sources.

6) Choose one of the CASE tools you have researched and if necessary, download the software or tool, and use it. (Some tools are available to be used in-browser.) Provide a software review on the ease of use and instructions on how to use it. Are there any limitations? Anything you would improve upon? 7) Include at least one diagram created by the tool chosen in step 4. You may recreate a diagram presented in the textbook as your example. You will find the section on CASE tools on page 485 of your textbook a great starting point. There are many free software trials you may utilize when selecting your tool for step 6. It would be especially interesting to select a free or open-source software tool that is available in order to review its usefulness/limitations. When writing your paper, be especially mindful of how to cite sources. If you need to present a word-for-word description from a source, use quotations and include a page number if available. Part II: Present your research on a CASE tool as a PowerPoint presentation to be shown to your classmates. Include a minimum of 5 slides, which will include a title page, a description and link to the tool, instructions on how to use it, your review of the tool, and your diagram. Include additional slides as needed. Submitting Part I: You will submit a paper no shorter than 4 pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman 12- point font. This does not include your citations or diagrams, which are additional. Use MLA formatting

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