Cultural diversity among employees and what should HR Manager know

Diversity in the workplace is a topic that employers should pay close attention to. It can constitute an uncomfortable working environment that can create unhappy employees if it’s not addressed. The Human Resource Department should be aware of these issues that can disrupt the workplace. Functional knowledge areas related to the issues include:

1. Acceptance and Respect. Conflict may arise when these are lacking.

2. Accommodations of beliefs such as: Cultural Diversity, politics and spiritual beliefs can bring trouble in a diverse environment. 3. Ethnic and cultural differences can be discriminated and looked down upon if it’s different from their own.

4. Gender Equality is needed to end gender pay gap.

5. Physical and mental disabilities need accommodations to get around. 6. Generation Gaps with older and younger workers. 7. Language and communication barriers can be challenging. I will be covering in this research paper; what diversity is and the effect it has on the workplace? In todays society, it is recommended that all corporation and Human Resource Departments get educated on how to deal with the changes of diversity

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