concepts and consequences of the trend for young adults to delay onset

Topic: • Chapter 5: Discuss the concepts and consequences of the trend for young adults to delay onset of marriage and delaying having children. Use a sociological approach and include elements such as education, employment, socio-economic status, religiosity, and historical family background. Paper Instruction: You need to select one (1) of the essay topics for the semester and write an 8-10 page essay (excluding cover page and reference page) outlining the process and the analysis of the topic. Essays need to be formatted in the ASA style (see Resources tab). It must have all elements (cover page, essay (8-10 pages), and reference page/s all as one document. Only submit one document. They need to be analytical rather than descriptive. A very common mistake is to write directly from the text. If you are quoting the text or any other source make sure to give credit. Required Textbook • Family in Transition by Skolnick & Skolnick. 17thed. Pearson. ISBN:978-0-205-21597-3.

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