GO TO: ; Screeners. (Please note: you do not need to register at the site to do the assignment.) With the intent of finding a common stock that is attractive for purchase, build a screen. THE FOLLOWING FORMAT IS MANDATORY: Cover page Page 1: Separately explain your rationale behind each screening criterion used. A minimum of six criteria should be used. Note that the FINVIZ screener has tabs for descriptive, fundamental and technical screens, so finding six should not be a problem. Page 2: Printout of the screening results (the list of companies). Please continue to revise your screen until the list is less than or equal to 20 companies. Page 3: Go to Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage available through the ASU Library link on Blackboard (Search NetAdvantage in databases if the direct link does not work). Under Research, enter the ticker symbol for one of the companies listed in your screening results. Print out the first page of the resulting stock report (use PDF format only).


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