Networking helps nurses build relationships that may help you to get a job, move into a specialty, or even move into a management position within your current facility. Some recruiters indicate that a strong percentage of candidates are denied due to lack of professional references. Networking and professional affiliations also provide a form of support. Nursing can be a difficult and demanding profession, stress and fatigue often lead to nurse burn-out. Only other nurses may understand and provide advice to cope with the emotions and physical demands of the job. Additionally, professional organizations may have the ability to improve condition for nurses by influencing the healthcare system itself; there is strength in numbers (Schmidt, 2016). A good network outside our own organization can make it possible for us to gain access to and act upon new information faster.  It can save time and energy in a leadership role to have a network of individuals with similar challenges who can provide advice based on their experiences.  Having a strong network can also be invaluable if you are looking for new career opportunities, especially for emerging nurse leaders (Sherman, 2012).

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Networking is an essential aspect of professional growth for nurses as it assists in building relationships, providing a form of support, and gaining access to new information quicker. Having a solid network of professionals can result in the improvement of career opportunities, access to beneficial information, and gaining insight into career paths related to the nursing profession. With the nursing profession being demanding, and at times emotionally and physically exhausting, the support and advice provided by other nurses can be beneficial. Professional affiliations may also have an impact in improving healthcare systems by voicing changes that will benefit nurses. Additionally, having a strong network of individuals with similar challenges is valuable for emerging nurse leaders, and a key component in being successful. Therefore, nurses should take professional networking seriously, as it can make a considerable impact on their personal and professional growth, ultimately making them more effective and successful in their career.


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