Cocaine drug: How does your biology drive drug taking behavior (e.g.,

Answer the following questions in essay format: 1. How does your biology drive drug taking behavior (e.g., how do genetics affect whether or not an individual is likely to use this drug)? 2. How does drug taking behavior affect your nervous system? Describe drug effects at the anatomical, physiological (brain activity), cellular, biochemical, and molecular level. In other words, how might drugs affect brain structure, neurotransmitter levels, brain activity, synapses, and gene expression of receptors? Describe the effects of short-term use and long- term use on the nervous system and behavior. 3. How do environmental influences and biology interact to affect drug taking behavior? Your paper should be double-spaced with size 12 Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins on all sides. It should include an APA-style title page, body (at least five full pages of text), APA-style in- text citations and a references page in APA style. Please use complete sentences, appropriate grammar, spelling, and at least 3 scholarly references. Do not quote. Paraphrase all information.

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