Case Study Analysis – Typhoid in Tajikistan.

Working in your groups you will review the Case Study – Typhoid in Tajikistan. Review Mermin, J. H., Villar, R., Carpenter, J., Roberts, L., Samaridden, A., Gasanova, L., and Mintz, E. D. (2017, December 7). Typhoid in Tajikistan | Epidemiologic Case Studies | CDC. (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service. [Case Study] This case study is based on a real-life outbreak investigation undertaken in Tajikistan in 1997. The purpose of this case study is to gain an understanding of the complexities associated with maintaining global health security with a specific emphasis on water borne diseases. While the case may be quite technical in areas, Focus to be on the policy and emergency management implications for the Middle East. Instructions: At the end of each section of the case study, there are questions you answer to complete this assignment. Answer all to the best of your ability. Section Questions PART I. OUTBREAK DETECTION Questions 1-3 PART II. HYPOTHESIS GENERATION Question 4-7 PART III. AN EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDY TO TEST THE HYPOTHESIS Questions 8-10 PART IV. ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES AND WATER SUPPLY INVESTIGATION Questions 11-17 PART V. PREVENTION AND CONTROL MEASURES Questions 18-19

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