Carefully analyse the case of DIY Stores

Coursework Title:


Group assignment: HRMB students.

Case study – Performance Management at DIY Stores


Task Details/Description:

Carefully analyse the case of DIY Stores and write a group report on how best this organization can design and implement a performance management and reward system.

You have to submit a 2000 word (max word limit) group report on this case. You will be required to work in your syndicate groups to analyse this case, come up with recommendations on how management of DIY Stores should design and operate its performance management and reward system to achieve its business targets. 

An overall grade for this assignment will be given based on the written group report.

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:


Describe and critically evaluate principles, practices and models of performance and reward management


Demonstrate essential technical, problem-solving and people management skills in the areas of performance and reward management.

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