Career Field Research Paper

Career Research Paper

Instructions and Rubric

You will write a 8-10 page research paper using APA style (see Purdue Owl information in D2L). Your paper may be 1-2 pages longer if you choose to include a title page and/or abstract. A title page and abstract are optional. Paper requirements:1.8-10 pages of content2.Include a thesis statement3.Minimum of 5 scholarly references and/or data sources4.APA styleSome examples of data source websites include, but are not limited to:Bureau of Labor StatisticsDictionary of Occupational TitlesO*NetISEEKThe Minnesota job bankClearly identify your #1 career choice, as well as 1-3 other interesting career choices. When choosing your alternative career choices, consider if you want to go into more depth (1 alternative) versus more breadth (2-3 alternatives). Either option is fine. By researching a number of career options, you can learnmore about opportunities and connections after graduation. Your career choices should be outlined in the Introduction section of your paper, along with your Thesis Statement.

When writing about your career choices, identify the key features or qualities that make these options interesting or appealing. These career choices and key features/qualities will make up the first part of the Body of your paper. Examples of CONTENT (features or qualities) to research and include:1.Work tasks and activities (ex: enjoy teaching, physics or artistic tasks)2.Physical aspects of the career (ex: lifting, driving or working with hands etc.)3.Working conditions related to the career (ex: travel, indoor or outdoor work)4.Job related interests (ex: love music and interested in music related careers)5.Required knowledge (ex: strong math or communication skills connected to career)6.Benefits and or wages (ex: financial or personal security related to career)7.Employment outlook or advancement (ex: growth expected in a particular career area)8.Other areas that you learned about throughout research process…Once your career choices, key features and qualities have been identified, explain how and why your Individualized Learning Plan will prepare you for these top choices. This will make up the second part of the Body of your paper. Lastly, provide a paragraph or two that summarizes what you learned and what you found to most valuable throughout the Career Research process. This is the Conclusion of your paper

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