Candidate Assessment: Business Issues and the Contexts of Human

Assessment criteria:

1.1 Assess a range of different factors (political, economic, social culture, technological, legal and environmental) chose 3 of them and describe how they impact on an organization’s business in positive or negative way and how HR respond and assess in this matter

1.2 Analyze the mentioned forces shaping the HR agenda by using PESTEL analyses tool for each of the chosen 3 and use a table for it.

2.1 Create a table comparing between 2 or more analytical tools like (SWOT , PESTEL or Porters ) mention the 3 advantage and why and  3 dis advantage and why

2.2 analyses (why and How) HR models like (MICHIGAN, WARWICK, Ulrich’s three-legged and Harvard) choose 2 of them and explain how they will affect the HR agenda. Plus choose 2 internal forces like (culture, business objective, stakeholders’ expectations and HR models) and explain how and why will influence HR agenda.

2.3 Explain the key stages in strategy formulation and implementation which are (analysis, formulation, evaluation, implementation and control) and the role of HR in each stage.

2.4 Examine HR’s contribution to business ethics and accountability in the organization.

3.1 produce a table on how business performance can be measured by using 2 Financial way like (profit, training spend on employees, cost of absence and return of investment) and also choose 2 non-financial like (staffing survey, customer satisfaction, well-being and measures diversity)

3.2 mention the role of HR in business planning by using Waltron (seven stages model in the evaluation of HR) and link it to a business plan to your organization by using an example. Also outline an example of change management agenda by relate a model like (Lewien model, Click model or Kubler Ross curves model) explain one of them and how HR is related to it.

3.3  chose 2 internal data source like ( employee survey , HR metrics …etc) and 2 external sources like (OSN –economic data , CIPD- labor market data) put them in a table and mention 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages for each.

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