Bullying; is it a temperament or intentional act for 3/4 year olds

Directions: A. Choose a topic. Use the list provided for ideas. Make sure your topic is approved. B. Develop a thesis. C. Research Research: 1. Find articles and information by conducting research using the library database. All references must be substantive in nature (no wikipedia, about.com, etc.). References cannot be listed in the textbook – you must find them from research and viewing the source first-hand. 2. Conduct research by using a variety of key terms associated with your topic. Use the GSU library to help you. a. Library databases with good articles in the education field include: ERIC, PSYCinfo, EBSCO, Academic Search Premier, Master File Premier, newspapers/magazines. b. Organizations can be helpful – government-based or research-based or education-based. Examples include AERA, NIEER, NAEYC. 3. Evaluate research. Use guide to help you.

4. Organize research, finding out what sources are most relevant for your topic. 5. Read research. Highlight good quotes or sections that you can use for your paper. Additional Tips and Guidelines: • Organize research and avoid plagiarism: http://www.studygs.net/plagiarism.htm • How to research on internet: http://www.studygs.net/research.htm • Evaluating website content: http://www.studygs.net/evaluate.htm • Summarizing research: http://www.studygs.net/writing/summary.htm • see supplemental info tab on Blackboard for help and support D. Write the paper demonstrating your ideas and supporting them with evidence. Paper: 1. Continue to develop your thesis on your topic after finding and reading research. You are not writing about a research study – you are using your own words to discuss a topic and support your ideas and examples with research from others. Do not just summarize the research; research is used to back up your ideas. You should support your statements at least 8 times with citations using research/evidence. 2. Follow “writing a research paper” guidelines: http://www.studygs.net/wrtstr8.htm and http://www.studygs.net/writing/index.htm A basic essay includes the following, at minimum: a. Introduction – Introduction to your topic, setting the stage, stating problem, thesis statement, etc. Total: 1 paragraph b. Body of paper (with sub sections) c. Conclusion – wrap up your paper, the research and your ideas. Total: 1 paragraph 3. Cite research in your paper at least 8 times. Use research to support and back up your original ideas. Do not copy other sources work. Summarize work and cite it or use quotations along with a citation. Citations should not be more than a sentence or two in length. Follow APA style guidelines for assistance. You must have a total of 5 references. 4. Provide specific examples and applications to real-world contexts. This paper should contain more of your ideas and examples rather than paraphrasing ideas from other sources and research. E. Consultation with Writing Center 1. When completed and you have proofread it, make an appointment with the writing center (usually about 45 minute meeting). Bring 2 hard copies of your research paper to this session. Get proof/documentation that you attended this meeting – either ask them to email me. This is required! 2. Then, after you receive feedback, make ALL of the suggested edits. Total for paper: 3-4.5 pages, with a separate reference page References: minimum of 5 references (at least 2 articles, textbook can count as one of the five references); all references must be substantive in nature (no wikipedia, about.com, etc.); additional references cannot come from the book – any source mentioned in the book does not count. You must find additional research articles outside of ones used in the book (i.e. references from any text book do not count).

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