Briefly present the organisation you have selected (short history of

Section 1: Presentation of the chosen organisation (500 words)

 Briefly present the organisation you have selected (short history of the company and its origins, organisational size etc.), its products and services and industry and market that operates.

 Present and critically discuss the mission, vision, strategic aim and objectives of the organisation. (Comment if the company has been consistent towards its purpose and mission/vision over the years. Does the strategic decisions align with the mission and the vision of the company?).

Section 2: Company’s environmental analysis: internal and external issues (1,000 words). You are advised to use the templates provided in the respective chapters in your analysis.  Use the PESTEL (political, economic, sociocultural, technological, environmental, and legal) framework to evaluate the macro-environment in which the firm operates.  Apply the Porter’s Five Forces framework to assess the structure of the industry that the company mainly operates. What are the drivers of change in this industry? How the industry structure is changing or is likely to change in the near future?

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