Briefly define CSR with reference to its purpose. To what extent

 Description: Full level of description shown through very accurate details about the process undergone. Analysis: Demonstrates a thorough analysis of problems, possible reasons and implications. Application: Demonstrates an excellent understanding of how to apply the skills and/or the ability to generalise to other learning contexts and/or offers excellent suggestions for future development Evaluation: A very confident self-assessment or new understanding. Organisation: Well-structured in a way entirely appropriate to the subject / task set; very clear evidence of planning; significance of each point clearly follows from previous argument to form a coherent whole; sophisticated use of linking language. Grammar: very good control of wide range of grammatical structures; sentence structures show variety and complexity with only occasional errors. Vocabulary: very good control of broad lexical range; low frequency items, collocations and some idiomatic usages are used although there are some gaps and / or minor slips.

#Briefly #define #CSR #reference #purpose #extent

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