Be sure to read Becoming a Master Student Chapter 2

Be sure to read Becoming a Master Student Chapter 2 “Time” and then complete and submit the following exercises on a separate document (Microsoft word, etc..).  The document will likely be multiple pages due to the number of exercises and your skills shot.  Submit them all to me at once in one file.  Complete the exercises and skills snapshots to receive full credit for this weeks exercises/snapshots (50 points).  Please List the questions and then answer them.

Exercise 6 “The Time Monitor”beginning on page 63.  This is a time sensitive exercise so be sure to begin tracking time ASAP.  I would like you to track two “work” or school days (Monday through Thursday) along with the weekend (February 20th and 21st).  Submit to me the answers to Step 5 “Reflect on the results of this exercise” on page 64.  I will make an announcement regarding the time sensitive exercises here shortly to give everybody a heads up.

Complete the Discovery/Intention Statement Journal Entry 6 “Discover the impact of technology on your time and attention” on page 68. Please List the questions and then answer them.  What day did you keep track of your time?  Check your cell phone data usage and check what different apps you spent online.  Where was the majority of your time spent on the day you monitored?  Social Media?  Games?  Are there any changes you want to make in the amount of time you spend online?  What do you intend to do?

Complete the Skills Snapshot on page 110.  Be sure to answer the 9 questions listed in complete sentences. Please List the questions and then answer them

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