Attracting, On-boarding and Retaining Nurses Transitioning Into a Home

Title of the SYSTEMATIC REVIEW: Attrating, On-boarding and Retaining Nurses Transictioning Into a Home Health Care Setting Research Questions What is the best evidence-based recruitment and retention strategies for nurses to transition to home care?


Will evidence support the development of a model or guide to the successful onboarding of nurses transitioning to home care and increase preceptors’ knowledge, skill level, and satisfaction? Research Questions What support resources and learning activities are needed to on-board and transition nurses from an acute care setting to a post-acute setting? Subquestion: What is the HHA’s perception of staff safety in the community? What practices were in use to assure protection for the clinician from workplace violence? Research Questions Is there a need for nurse residency programs for new nursing graduates interested in home care?


Is there a need to look at training home health nurses as a specialty area? Is there a need to start home health rotations in nursing schools? Variables/ Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria and Key words to use: Meta synthesis Nursing Professional Employee Orientation Staff Developmentla New Graduate Transitional Care Home Health Care Collaboration Home Nursing, Professional Nursing Models, Theoretical 

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