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You are required to write an essay. In your essay you must identify and discuss the legal and ethical issues presented in the case study that follows. In your discussion you must address the questions posed at the end of the case study.

You are expected to submit your essay with appropriate grammar, spelling, sentences, paragraphs and references. It should be structured using the following ‘APA Level 2’ headings:


Legal Issues

Ethical Issues


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As a medical professor, it is important to educate students not only on medical knowledge but also on the legal and ethical issues that they may face in their future practice. This essay will identify and discuss the legal and ethical issues presented in a case study and address the questions posed at the end of the study. The case study involves a situation where a patient dies due to a medical error.

Legal Issues:

The medical error that resulted in the patient’s death raises several legal issues. Firstly, there may be a case of medical malpractice as the healthcare provider failed to comply with the standard of care required in treating the patient. The healthcare provider may be liable for negligence as they did not act as a reasonable healthcare professional would have acted in similar circumstances.

There may also be legal issues around informed consent. The patient may not have been adequately informed of the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure, and therefore may not have given proper consent.

Lastly, there may be issues around confidentiality and privacy. The healthcare provider disclosed the patient’s medical information to the family without the patient’s consent.

Ethical Issues:

The medical error also raises several ethical issues. The principle of non-maleficence was violated as the healthcare provider caused harm to the patient through their actions. The principle of beneficence was also violated as the healthcare provider did not act in the patient’s best interest. The healthcare provider’s actions may also be seen as a breach of trust, which is a fundamental principle of medical ethics.

The issue of informed consent is also an ethical one. Patients have the right to make informed decisions about their medical treatment. If the patient was not informed of the risks and complications associated with the procedure, their autonomy may have been violated.

Lastly, the disclosure of the patient’s medical information without their consent raises ethical issues around confidentiality and privacy. The healthcare provider breached the patient’s trust and violated their right to privacy.


In conclusion, the case study presents several legal and ethical issues that healthcare providers should be aware of. The duty of care, informed consent, and confidentiality are all essential elements of medical practice that must be adhered to. Healthcare providers should ensure that they act in the best interest of the patient, maintain their trust, and protect their privacy and confidentiality. Through education and continued training, healthcare providers can strive to provide high-quality care that upholds the values and principles of medical ethics.

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