Assignment #1: The preliminary legwork

The domestic launch of your new product went well. As a result, your team has been given the go-ahead by senior management of Edgewell to explore an international launch. The caveat is that your management team eventually must choose from among the B.R.I.C.S (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) or M.I.S.T. (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey) countries. Your mission in this assignment is to do the preliminary legwork regarding where your product has the greatest attractiveness for investment—using the next five years’ as your time horizon. Using the domestic market as a benchmark, you will identify and discuss the salient factors to be considered in the decision-making process for including or excluding a particular country for business entry. Below is a general suggestion how you may tackle this assignment.


This is by no means the only correct approach. Please use your imagination to present your work to fulfil the grading criteria listed afterward.  Screening Matrix. In this assignment, you should adopt a business division manager’s point-of-view, identifying the screening criteria/decision matrix you use to benchmark each country based on three levels of factors: consumer/individual, competitive/industrial, macro/PESTEL environment that would enhance your product’s chances for success, and conversely, the consumer/individual, competitive/industrial, macro/PESTEL environment that would dampen your product’s chances for success. In essence, you will try to gauge market potential for a product like yours in each of the final four countries as well as your own product’s ability to be a contender in that space.  Step One: Starting with all the nine countries, use your screening criteria (mainly macro factors/PESTEL, i.e. the obvious factors) to eliminate the five countries that you will not consider at all, explaining why.  Step Two: Using your screening criteria (mainly consumer and competitive/industrial factors) to narrow down your choices to the final target. Consumption Habits and Trends and Competition Dynamics (relevant factors among the 5-forces) in these countries shall be emphasized, in addition to the basic PESTEL factor

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