Article review on “Some gut cells slow down metabolism, accelerate

This is an article review on the article “Some gut cells slow down metabolism, accelerate cardiovascular disease”. It has to be done in MLA format with a works cited page. 1. Define the claims or facts cited in the article. Include:  Target group who will be affected  Time-period before health change to be expected  Nature of the outcome (health benefits) 2. Identify any adverse effects that may have been noted and any potential problems that may arise due to following the nutritional practice over a period of time. 3. Evaluate the validity of the nutritional claims. Substantiate or refute them with sound scientific evidence. The evidence must be from medical professionals, such as dietitians and physicians. Be objective in formulating your conclusions. 4. Weight the evidence and formulate your review. Provide your rational. 5. Outline what action you will take to provide factual nutrition information.  Provide factual nutrition information  Promote good food habits among various individuals  Help maintain the nutritional health of the general public

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