Applied Behavioral Science – Effective Interpersonal Relations through

Your journal must include at least 3 key concepts from your text/readings. LOOKING OUT LOOKING IN by Adler, R & Proctor ll, R You will be graded on the content relating to the weeks topic, grammar and sentence construction, structure and usage of terms discussed. Make sure that you reference the text and that you cite properly using APA formatting for both in-text and bibliographical citations. Your journals will need to be in 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, a cover page, reference page and 1-2 pages (absolutely no more than 2pages). View video Discuss all the possible errors in the first video, use examples and discuss how the meeting could have been more productive: a. Was the supervisor providing active listening? b. What indication did his non-verbal action show? c. When listening to the supervisors respond – What were your immediate thoughts about him? d. What would you have said to the supervisor as feedback to change his listening skills, (Meaning if you were the Supervisor…what would you tell him…remember be honest and positive…)?

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