APA format presenting a detailed description of: The sequence of


  1. APA format presenting a detailed description of:
    • The sequence of expressive and receptive language development, and the components of language structure;
    • The characteristics of a student who has an expressive or receptive language learning disability found in an inclusive classroom (see item 2);
    • An assistive technology program or device to assist the student with learning (see item 3); and
    • Classroom accommodations (minimum of three) to assist the student (see item 4).
  2. When describing the student, present a detailed description of the student’s disability, including the etiology and characteristics of the disability. Include a detailed description of how the student’s disability impacts classroom functioning (curriculum, behavior, independent functioning, etc.).
  3. When describing the assistive technology program / device, include a minimum of 2 peer reviewed research articles (2012-Present) which describe its appropriateness for a student with an expressive or receptive learning disability. Discuss the device/ program, including the pros and cons. Describe how the device/ program will be used to support the student’s functioning and/or learning.
  4. When describing the classroom accommodations to assist the student, include 1 peer reviewed research article (2012-Present) to support your recommendation. 

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