Analyze and interpret this element as it relates to the depiction of

This may be the first time that you have looked specifically at a film as a literary text. Films contain many of the same characteristics as traditional, printed literary texts: plot, point of view, characterization, symbolism, setting, tone, and theme. In addition, film includes such audio-visual elements as lighting, set design, costuming, cinematography, and music. Goal for this essay is to isolate a particular aspect of the film (a character, a scene, a literary/cinematic device) and then write an essay in which you analyze and interpret this element as it relates to the depiction of Muslims in the film. You want to be sure to limit yourself to a much focused topic as this essay is rather short. As you analyze and write about film, remember that you are not simply writing a review. (You did that in the last assignment.) In the closing paragraph, I do want to hear of your response to the film (subjective thoughts), but the body should include research and analysis (academic research).

Requirements • A title that gives a sense of your specific topic and argument.

• A clear, interpretive thesis. • Examples from the film to support your points of analysis. • Three pages of text (You need to be well onto the final page to fulfill assignment requirements.) • An additional works cited page that includes the film. (You do not need any outside sources beyond course readings for this paper, but if you use them, they also need to appear on your Works Cited page.)

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