Analyze a brief case study regarding this company that applies

Choose an organization with which you are familiar in responding to this question. Perhaps it is the organization within which you currently work or one in which you have worked in the past. You are to write and analyze a brief case study regarding this company that applies selected course material. Your case study should include the following elements:


(1) a brief synopsis (one half page to 2 pages or more if needed) that summarizes key elements regarding the context of this organization, that is, location, size, product/service offered, organizational structure, history, mission, cultural information and any other relevant information necessary for case interpretation. You may use a real or fictitious company name, depending on the confidentiality of the information you share.

(2) a problem or opportunity related to information systems that this organization encountered. The problem(s) or opportunity(s) you identify should be related to any concept/application addressed within this class, for example, insufficient technology to meet internal/external needs or competitive advantage, ethical considerations, need for organizational re-design enabled by information systems, knowledge management/decision support systems, cost/benefit analysis, security and control, planning and implementation systems, managing infrastructure/enterprise systems, managing international systems, and so forth. Multiple problems/opportunities can be identified, but one is sufficient.

(3) Finally, suggest a resolution to the problem/opportunity you described. This is where you will have an opportunity to display your understanding of course concepts by describing how you would apply concepts relevant to your case. In your suggested resolution, cite liberally from course material (textbook, forum sources, and external materials related to the case) to provide rationale for your suggested resolution to the problem/opportunity you outlined. Clearly provide informed rationale for your suggested solution to the problem. In most cases, in this portion of your response, you will find that you will integrate much of the course material and some external material.


You may work on the exam throughout the semester; in fact, a longer reflective process that occurs throughout class is recommended. The more reflective time, typically, the better quality the final product.


Finally, be certain to provide your references, using a scholarly format, to write the case study yourself (do not use one that is published elsewhere), and CLEARLY display integration of course material in your case study, for example, citing by page number/quotes specific course material that applies to your case study. Scholarly external materials related to the case study are normally necessary also.

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