54002 Communicating Difference ASSESSMENT TASK 3 | CREATIVE OPTION

Task description

The broad task is to critically evaluate the collaborative grant submission (Assessment Task 2) in order to demonstrate an understanding of communication practices from a scholarly viewpoint. In this context, the creative component can be used to document sounds and images that provide a greater understanding of places, communities or events linked to the grant. The creative component is not focused on personal expression (you can include short personal reflections in the exegesis), but on allowing for alternative ways of producing evidence and information about social identities in Sydney. So, you may choose to include snippets of speeches or radio broadcasts, footage from community events or performances, photos of significant spaces around Sydney, and so on. In the three multi-media options below, you will be required to submit exegeses that explain the relationship between your media production and Assessment 2. Communicating Difference is not a production subject, so we cannot award marks for technical proficiency with film, sound or image.

Nevertheless, we recognise that you may feel more confident using these mediums to document or capture something interesting related to the grant project, so we can assess the ideas and research that inform the creative component (see also criteria, below). Depending on the medium, there will be a slightly different requirement for the exegesis: Short Film Media format: 90 – 150 seconds, submitted as mp4 file. You can produce original footage, and if you choose, mix this with a montage of footage relate to places, events or identities. Exegesis needs to be submitted in Microsoft Word file. Photo Essay Media format: 6-10 photos embedded within a Microsoft Word document as a photo essay. Each photo must include a very short caption explaining where it was taken, and its relationship to the grant. For this option, there can be a mix of text and image, much like this Photo Essay on the Sydney Mardi Gras: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/mar/04/our-final-mardi-gras-march-aphoto-essay The full exegesis (850 words) must be placed beneath the photo essay, in the same document

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