2700 words minimum If you choose to post on this

2700 words minimum 

If you choose to post on this forum, first read ch. 23 in Making of the West and watch the video “Age of Nation-States” (https://youtu.be/dLDq4O4VCRY). Next read Kipling’s White Man’s Burden (link below). Then answer the questions at the bottom.

White Man’s Burden (http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/5478/)


(1) What is “the white man’s burden” of which Kipling writes?

(2) What does this poem tell you about European rationalizations of colonialism?

(3) According to Professor Weber in the film, what motivated Europeans to conquer colonies?

(4) What position does Prof. Weber take on the morality of colonialism? (In other words, was it good, bad, or both?)

(5) Do you think views like those expressed in Kipling’s poem have disappeared from Western culture?

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