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Primary mode of subsistence for Zulu

The Zulu is the largest ethnic group in the southern region of Africa. It is estimated there the entire population of the Zulu people in Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe is about 15 million. Out of this population, majority of this population are predominantly found in South Africa where there are about 11 million Zulu people- and the figure stands to increase tremendously in the near future. Zulu, the Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup, remains a hallmark language of the Zulu people worldwide.
Agriculture is the primary mode of subsistence for the Zulu people- in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique- where they live. Most of them who occupy fertile lands with adequate rainfall, as the case in the Southern African countries, are known to plant crops such as maize, beans and millet. They still grow traditional crops such as finger millet, the dark sorghum, cassava and African potatoes in most of the areas they occupy. Besides the drought tolerant traditional crops, the Zulu also keep livestock as a source of their livelihood.
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Meat and milk are the products that the Zulu people enjoy from their livestock though the former is also supplemented with the game meat from hunting.
In as much as the forest coverage is shrinking with every passing year in the Southern African countries, the Zulu still get a lot of livelihood from the forests. The hunter and gatherers among the Zulu people are known to get wild fruits, game meat and timber- the key products from the forest that has sustained the forest living Zulus from time immemorial. Therefore, farming, hunting and gathering are the primary mode of subsistence for Zulu.

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