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Urban II Call for the First Crusade

Because the Muslims were killing Christians in Jerusalem, Christians decided, under the persuasion of pope Urban, to fight the Muslims. The Christians in the west were moved to embark on a dangerous journey to fight in the holy land after hearing the pope Urban’s speech because the pope’s speech appealed to the masses. The Muslims had attacked Jerusalem and killed many Christians. Muslims had conquered Persia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Spain, Cyprus, Crete and Rhodes which were areas that had been heavily occupied by Christians (Chazan 123). At that time, many people were more inclined towards religion and it served as a source of unity among the faithful. Pope Urban’s speech made Christians feel that it was their duty and obligation to fight for their brothers at a distant. The Christians took fellow Christians as brothers.
In the 1000s, people, especially in England, were fanatically religious. Religion was used to control the lives of the people. People had total faith in their religious leaders. People had idolized leaders and a word from the pope was divine (Asbridge 78). They totally believed in what the pope said. The pope was also revered.
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As a religious leader, the pope was considered to represent God in the earthly world. It was believed that he had the power to bless and curse the Christians. This made Christians take up arms and go to fight because they feared the curse of he pope and they also wanted to be blessed (Thackeray and John 45). They believed that God decreed whatever the pope says. That is why they proclaimed that it was the will of God for them to go and fight. In this case, the faithful wanted to redeem the city of Jerusalem from Muslims. All these factors moved the Christians to take up arms and go to war against the Muslims.

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