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Child labor essays

The fact that some children are deprived of a proper childhood is horrible. It is unfair that some kids have to work hard having no clear reason for that. Well, the causes are different. Yet, none of them justifies the actions of those people who treat children as slaves. Unfortunately, there are some counties in the world in which the era of technological development and modernization hasn’t come yet. What is means is that some children have to pay their parents’ debts. Thus, if a family has borrowed a huge some of money which they cannot give back at the moment, their children usually go to the person who has lent the money to pay it back. Thus, kids are forced to work hard and it may last for years. As a result, instead of going to school or playing with other children, they have to do all possible kinds of work. No one cares about them.

For this reason, the task of writing child labor essays has become quite popular these days. Probably, teachers hope that in such a way they will be able to attract more attention to this problem. This issue definitely needs solving. Yet, it doesn’t seem like someone is going to do something about it. That is why, the first step which should be done is to familiarize as many people as possible with the existing problems. Maybe, some volunteers or peaceful activists will help. Anyway, the best decision is to try.
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