2 Pages + title pg and references As health care

2 Pages + title pg and references

As health care manager, your facility will soon be implementing an electronic health record (EHR). Some employees feel that they are not technologically gifted. Some employees feel the computer will soon cause them to be laid off. Employees are discussing this implementation and passing rumors about whether the implementation will actually improve the medical record. Discuss the following in your individual assignement: Specifically targeting the state of California, 

  • How does change impact motivation of employees?
  • Discuss how you would communicate with these employees and what you will tell them about the EHR implementation.
  • Discuss how employers will explain about the training that will be offered to all employees and how employee job skills will change with the implementation.

Be sure to support your information by citing references using APA 7 format scholarly references published within the last 5 years to substantiate your work

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